Facilities & Properties

While we consider Seasons of Columbus the crown jewel of CCHDO fulfilling part of its mission to provide residential and supportive services that will help elderly individuals to enjoy safe, healthy, productive and dignified lives in a community environment... Other properties are acquired are also contributing toward the goal of lifting individuals and families up through affordable housing. For leasing inquiries on these properties, please call our partners at the Columbus Housing Authority at 662-328-4236.

Fuqua North & South
3 bedroom/2 bath
Veitch North & South
2 bedroom/2 bath
3 bedroom/2 bath
8 Homes
3 bedroom/2 bath
3 homes

All of our properties come with refridgerator, stove, microwave and washer and dryer hook ups."

CCHDO’s relationship with the Columbus Housing Authority (CHA) is key. It is the vision of CHA that led to the creation of CCHDO. CHA provides assistance with leasing and resident services for CCHDO that is invaluable. For interest in any of the above referenced properties, please contact the CHA number on the Contact page.