Services Offered

CCHDO will purchase, lease, obtain options upon, acquire by gift, grant, bequest, devise or otherwise any real or personal property or any interest therein; to acquire by the exercise of the power of eminent domain any real property; to sell, lease, exchange, transfer, assign, pledge or dispose of any real or personal property or any interest therein; to insure or provide for the insurance of any real or personal property or operations of the Corporation against any risks or hazards; to procure or agree to the procurement of insurance or guarantees from the federal government of the payment of any bonds or parts thereof issued by a Corporation, including the power to pay premiums on any such insurance.

To invest any funds held in reserves or sinking funds, or any funds not required for immediate disbursement, in property or securities in which savings banks may legally invest funds subject to their control; to purchase its bonds at a price not more than the principal amount thereof and accrued interest, all bonds so purchased to be canceled.

Within its area of operation: to investigate into living, dwelling and housing conditions and into the means and methods of improving such conditions; to determine where declining housing/slum areas exist or where there is a shortage of decent, safe and sanitary dwelling accommodations for persons of low income; to make studies and recommendations relating to the problem of clearing, re-planning and reconstructing of slum areas, and the problem of providing dwelling accommodations for persons of low income, and to cooperate with the city, the county, the state or any political subdivision thereof in action taken in connection with such problems; and to engage in research, studies and experimentation on the subject of housing. Please check out our Facilities/Properties page.

Home Ownership
Home ownership can be one key to self-sufficiency for low-income families, building assets for families and stability and pride for neighborhoods. Through HOPE I and other programs, HUD is working to make home ownership possible for thousands of families now living in public housing. CCHDO's mission here is to assist individuals with credit counseling, debt management and money/asset management by providing educational workshops that will assist individuals and families in terms of preparation for home ownership.